Activities - HIV/AIDS
HIV / AIDS – Care and Support.

Day to Day the biggest problem of HIV / AIDS not only Andhra Pradesh but entire world. The warangal district is the highest percentage statistics in Andhra Pradesh index. ISS worked in two mandals Gesugonda, Narsampet and urban slums of municipal corporation with the support of project concern international – CDC and AIDS Control office warangal.

During this year have registered 100 PLHIVs in Gorrekunta and Narsampet pathway care centers medical services are providing through mobile van weekly twice and giving twenty PLHIVs for nutrition support 10 children for CAA support in every month who are eligible essential needed we have been referring all PLHIVs for CD4 count test and other related test (T.B) in MGM Hospital.

ISS staff identified suspected persons with the support of RMPs, PMPs, SHG groups, youth organizations, to mobilize to VCTC centers and pathway care centers if any person tested result is positive ISS giving counseling and providing medicines and other supports. Programs were conducting continuously youth programs, support group meetings, NGOs networks meeting, livelihood training program, local leaders meeting, B Bold medical health camps and other programs.

ISS in additional distributing male and female condoms through outlets and centers. Government released widow pensions to our PLHIVs in our center. AIDS day rally, candle day rally, ISS actively participated with district level.