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About Indian Social Service

Indian social service - (iss):- A registered non–profit making non-Governmental organization .working in warangal, karimnagar and nearest district of Andhra Pradesh, India. We mainly implementing projects for poorest of the poor women, child, youth, adolescents and girls for their education, health and environment. and also concentrating rehabilitation services and vocational short term trainings and skill development trainings and placements for sustainability with the support of state ,central and funding agencies. below detail of Indian social service are ..,




  Address for Correspondence

Indian Social Service,            
H.No.11-16-77, Kasibugga,             
Andhra Pradesh State,India

Office Address :
H.NO: 3-6-555 , Subose Nagar
Karimnagar ,505 501
Andhra Pradesh

  Phone No

+91-0870 2424475 / 2444115

  Fax No

+91-0870 2420022

  Mobile No

+91 98494 04864

  Email .

  Name of contact person Dr. VANAM BALARAJU, M.A.,LLM.,Ph.D,
President cum Chief Functionary.

  Registration Details

Registration Number 1330       
Date: 04th June, 1987.

 Registered under “The Andhra Pradesh (Telangana areas) Public Societies, 

Registration Act, 1350 Fasli ( Act 1  of 1350 F.)”

  Executive Members

Seven Members – 2/3 women in the organization


010360074    Dated: 13 th August 2002
Bank Account No : 11258, Bank of Baroda, Warangal.

  Income Tax

Pan Card No. AAATI4793E

TAN: HYD103859C

12 AA (1)(b)(i) of the Income Tax Act – 1961

80G (5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act,1961

  Operation Areas

Warangal, Karimnagar and Khammam

  Target Groups

Women, Child, Youth, All Communities

  Implementing Projects

Short stay home for women and girls-CSWB
Child labour Schools -NCLP
Lively hood and income generation programme
Skill development programme - il&fs - MORD
Vocational Trainings - FVTRS
Residential bridge course – RVM-SSA
Child Rights & Human Rights
Environmental Protection
The care and support programme for PLHAS (HIV/AIDS)  - PCI
AP Community Based tank Management programme  - APCBTMP

  Name of the Auditor

V.Ravi and Co. Charted Accountant
Hanamkonda -Warangal


Andhra Pradesh Government
District Authorities

  Support by

Women and child development, central social welfare board, National Child Labor Project, Rajeev Vidya Mission, Project concern international, AP Community Tank Management, Ministry of Environment, National Women Commission, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Labour, District Legal Cell Authority  and Kakathiya University.

Indian social service – NGO - main role is implementation. We invite grants, Donations, contribution from Governments and donors and supporting agencies.
Implementation projects for poorest of the poor vulnerable sections of grass root communities. Donations, support utilized for sustainability.

Vision of Indian Social Service!
The preventive or relief of poverty, the advancement of Education, health and community development.

The advancement of Arts, culture, human rights conflict resolution or reconciliation or racial harmony or equality and diversity.

The advancement of self stand and livelihood for national integrity the relief of those in needed, by reason of youth aids ill health disability financial hardship or other disadvantages.

Aims & Objectives of Indian Social Service!
a) to open, found establish, arrange, conduct various institutional programmes to benefit the poor oppressed, handicapped, destitute, women and child, youths, adolescents, girls and boys, rehabilitation, extension programmes, education & special learning programmes.

b) To organize, arrange, conduct, join others in arranging take up facilitate various development programs in the filed of environment, slum development, rural & tribal development, urban area, agriculture extension, water sheds etc.

c) To facilitate, arrange, establish, conduct, found take up training institutes, Training centers, Educational centers to benefit of all concerned in various, allied different vocations.

d) To invert, call for request mobilize technical advisors experts, Funding, Organization, State & Central Govt. Institutions, Foreign Funding Agencies, Indian Funding agencies to collect donations, contributions, subscriptions, aids, grants, loans towards the achievement of the over all Aims & Objectives of the society.