Activities - Child & Human Rights
Child Rights Protection and Human Rights Protection.

Child is assets of every Nation every Government concentrating about on child care in this regard Indian Social Service (ISS) conducting awareness programs about on child rights and human rights in adoption schools child rights supporting AP Craft Vijayawada and Human Rights guide Sakshi Hyderabad.

Child & Human Rights are violating due to many reasons, Indian social service formed “District Forum for protection of child rights”. All NGOs are actively concentrating because all most of NGOs are implementing child labours schools through NCLP and Residential Bridge Courses under Sarva Shiksa Abhiyan (RBC-Camps) for drop out children, child labours, street children, never enrolled covering education, Main stream and follow up for their continue education with support and co-operation and conversancy of all concerned people .

Child rights protection a part of life in every human being from the beginning life of every child at early age we established sum moral discipline cultural mechanism in their minds for progress of Nation.

Indian social service is focusing, Awareness programmes in grass-root level. And we conducting Human Rights classes to 7th class to 10th class students. we get good results. they know some thing salve their problems without parents support. still we are conducting awareness programmes with local contributions.