Activities - Child Labour
Child Labour Schools.

Child labor eradication – in Warangal District –A.P.

Indian social service is implementing the project continually for eradication of the child labour, street children, domestic child labour and Rag pickers through education National child labour schools support by NCLP, especially in rural and urban slum areas of Warangal District.
• Education for child labors
• Girl child Education
• Parents Meetings about on Education
• Mainstream
• Fallow-up for reduced Dropouts

Every year ISS mainstreamed 100 children in available Hostels – Velugu, Kasturbha and SC,ST,BC Hostels for their continue education. The problem of girl child education is a tuff job even though ISS staff members are specially concentrate for their education and not only that trying to stop the child marriages and awaked about child progress .

ISS has been surrendered by industrial area comprising of cotton mills, rice mills. brick industry ,chills factories etc… and hence the children are naturally attracted to work in these industries without caring for education. Moreover, the parents of the child labor are migrated labour. Under this programme, Adopted Industrial locations ISS had about 100 students . Both the schools have got dedicated and disciplined teaching staff who are showing individual attention towards each child.

Regarding the benefits provided, each student was given books, free nutritious food play material and also one free set of uniforms. The students were also taken to medical check up to doctor in times of need.The staff of both the schools have been taking active internet in moldings the character of child labor to schools by concentrating on the importance of not only education but also concentrating Mainstream and fallow up for their continue education.