Activities - Health Activities

HIV / AIDS Care & Support Program
Object of “Health is Wealth” – Indian social service working for health programmes with the support of NGOs, and GOs.

• The care and support for HIV / AIDS
• Be-Bold Camps
• Health camps
• Blood camps
• Care and support for Cancer and TB

ISS working in two mandals Geesugonda, Narsampet and urban slums of municipal corporation. Registered PLHAS referred to MGM Hospital for check up their health conditions. Every month who are eligible essential needed we have been referring all PLHAs for CD4 Count test and other related tests. (T.B,) in MGM Hospital. and community care centers.

ISS Staff identified suspected persons with the support of RMPs, PMPs, SHG Groups, Youth Organizations, to mobilize to VCTC Centers and Pathway care centers if any person tested result is Positive ISS giving counseling and providing medicines and other supports. Programs were conducting continuously youth programs, support group meetings, NGO’s Network Meeting, Livelihood Training Program, Local Leaders Meeting, B Bold Camps, Medical Health Camps and other programs.

ISS in additional distributing male and female condoms through out lets and centers. Government released widow pensions to our PLHIVs in our center. Aids Day Rally, Candle Day Rally ISS actively participated with district level.

Cancer & T.B. Awareness Programs :-
During 2009-2010 ISS conducted sensitization program to educate them regarding the serious effects of smoking and alcoholism. Due to the above bad habits, people are subjected to chronic diseases like T.B, Cancer etc…. During these programmes Dr. Mohan Rao and other doctors have clearly explained as to how the use of Gutkas, Zardas leads to heart diseases. Similarly it was also explained as to how breast cancer takes place in women and the preventive measures to be taken.

ISS identified some cases and referred to Cancer Hospitals and DOT Centers.

Medical Health Camps:-
ISS conducted Medical and Health Camps in various Urban slums and rural villages burning problem of wires diseases ISS actively conducted 5 Health Camps with the support of DM&HO Warangal beneficiary are more than six hundred tested and distributed medicine and tonics.

HIV/AIDS Exhibition program is effected good results for good sensitization and Geesugonda PHC, Narsampeta CHC involved and co operated Medical Health Camps for eradicate of communal diseases and also aware about precautions methods for unwanted diseases.